The Collection - Five Solo Albums

original release date

december 6, 2005




Chloë, Órla, Lisa K, Máiréad N, Méav




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CD 1: Celtic Woman Presents: Máiréad - Raining Up
01.Skidoo Máiréad N 3:06
(Cooney) MCPS
02.Raining Up Máiréad N 3:07
(K.Nesbitt) IMRO/MCPS
03.Finan's Isle Suite: Bovaglies Plaid Máiréad N 3:50 N/A
(Skinner/Arr.Nesbitt, Shaw) Liffey Music
04.Finan's Isle Suite: Finan's Isle Máiréad N 3:43 N/A
(McFarlane/Arr.Nesbitt, Lunny) Liffey Music
05.Finan's Isle Suite: The Setting Sun Máiréad N 2:49 N/A
(Carroll/Arr.Nesbitt, Lunny) Green Linnet Music
06.Finan's Isle Suite: The Butterfly Máiréad N 2:53 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Nesbitt, Lunny) Liffey Music
07.There Is No Night Máiréad N 3:54
(O'Foghlú) Liffey Music
08.Captain H Máiréad N 3:02
(Nesbitt/Arr.Nesbitt, Lunny) Liffey Music
09.An Raibh Tú Ag An Gcarraig? Máiréad N 3:26 N/A
(Trad./Arr.O'Foghlú) Liffey Music
10.Trí Fhidilí: Smash The Windows/Prestons Máiréad N 2:54 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Nesbitt, Lunny) Liffey Music
11.Bluelights Máiréad N 4:32 N/A
(Nesbitt, Cooney/Arr.Nesbitt, Cooney, Mackintosh, Vernal, Shaw) Liffey Music
12.Within The Blue Suite: 1st Movement Máiréad N 2:15 N/A
(O'Foghlú) Liffey Music
13.Within The Blue Suite: 2nd Movement Máiréad N 4:20 N/A
(O'Foghlú) Liffey Music
14.Within The Blue Suite: 3rd Movement Máiréad N 4:51 N/A
(O'Foghlú) Liffey Music
CD 2: Celtic Woman Presents: Chloë - Walking In The Air 48:34 total
01.Walking In The Air Chloë 3:39
(Blake/Blake) Chester Music
02.The Prayer Chloë 4:22 N/A
(Foster/Bayer-Sager) Warner Tamberlane Music
03.Nella Fantasia (feat. David Agnew) Chloë 3:42 N/A
(Morricone/Morricone) Gema
04.Someday Chloë 4:22 N/A
(Menken/Schwartz) Warner Chappell
05.Vivaldi's "Rain" (from "The Four Seasons") Chloë 2:14
(Vivaldi/Agnew/Arr.Downes) Liffey Music
06.Going Home Chloë 4:07
(Dvorak/Dvorak) Liffey Music
07.Panis Angelicus Chloë 3:58 N/A
(Franck/Franck) Liffey Music
08.Vincent ― Starry, Starry Night Chloë 4:38 N/A
(McLean/McLean) May Day Music
09.Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring Chloë 4:44
(Bach/Arr.Downes) Liffey Music
10.To Where You Are Chloë 3:55
(Marx/Marx) Warner Chappell
11.One World Chloë 3:49 N/A
(Downes/Healy) Liffey Music/Bardis
12.Sigma Chloë 3:58 N/A
(Lovland/Agnew) Universal Music
13.Winter's Light (from "Secret Garden") Chloë 3:36 N/A
(Ronstadt) Normal Music
14.Brahms's Lullaby Chloë 2:20 N/A
(Brahms/Arr.Downes) Liffey Music
15.Gabriel's Oboe David Agnew (oboe) 2:27 N/A
(Morricone) EMI/Virgin/SIAE
CD3: Celtic Woman Presents: Órla - The Water Is Wide 55:42 total
01.She Moved Thro' The Fair Órla 2:35 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Kelly, Fallon) Liffey Music
02.Aililiu Na Gamhna Órla 3:57 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Kelly, Fallon) Liffey Music
03.Cad É Sin Don Te Sin Órla 3:01 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Kelly, Fallon) Liffey Music
04.Carrickfergus Órla 4:16 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Fallon, Peades) Liffey Music
05.Siúil A Rún Órla 3:47
(Trad./Arr.Armstrong) Liffey Music
06.Down By The Sally Gardens Órla 3:35
(Trad./Arr.Fallon, Peades) Liffey Music
07.Na Buachailli Alainn Órla 1:59 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Kelly, Fallon) Liffey Music
08.Raglan Road Órla 4:17 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Kelly, Fallon) Liffey Music
09.Gartan Mothers Lullaby Órla 3:04 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Kelly, Fallon) Liffey Music
10.An Mhaighdean Mhara Órla 3:12 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Kelly, Fallon) Liffey Music
11.The Water Is Wide Órla 3:24
(Trad./Arr.Kelly, Fallon) Liffey Music
CD 4: Celtic Woman Presents: Méav - A Celtic Journey 37:00 total
01.She Moved Through The Fair Méav 4:06 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Downes) Liffey Music
02.The Last Rose Of Summer Méav 4:43 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Kelehan) RTE Music
03.Down By The Sally Gardens Méav 3:53 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Malir) Bardis Music
04.I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls Méav 3:49 N/A
(Balfe/Arr. Ní Mhaolchatha) Liffey Music
05.Celtic Prayer Méav 4:17
(Agnew/Agnew) Liffey Music
06.Suantraí Méav 5:00
(Malir/Ní Mhaolchatha) Liffey Music/Bardis Music
07.Danny Boy Méav 3:20 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Kelehan/Weatherly) Boosey & Co
08.Greensleeves Méav 3:16 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Ní Mhaolchatha, Adams) Liffey Music
09.Dante's Prayer Méav 5:34 N/A
(McKinnett) BMG Music Publ.
10.Goltraí Méav 3:50 N/A
(Malir/Ní Mhaolchatha) Liffey Music/Bardis Music
11.Silent Night Méav 3:41 N/A
(Gruber/Mohr/Young/Arr.Downes) Liffey Music
CD 5: Celtic Woman Presents: Lisa 45:23 total
01.Siúil A Rún Lisa K 3:19 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Downes) Liffey Music
02.Carrickfergus Lisa K 4:28 N/A
(Trad./Arr.Downes) Liffey Music
03.Lift The Wings (from "Riverdance") Lisa K 4:48 N/A
(Whelan/McGuiness) Whelan
04.The Soft Goodbye Lisa K 4:31 N/A
(Downes/Ní Dhubhghaill) Liffey Music
05.Dubhdarra Lisa K 3:34 N/A
(Davey/Davey) Bucks Music Group
06.Home And The Heartland (from "Riverdance") Lisa K 3:23
(Whelan/McGuiness) Whelan
07.May It Be (from "The Lord Of The Rings") Lisa K 3:35 N/A
(Enya/Ryan) EMI Music
08.Homecoming Lisa K 3:36 N/A
(Downes/Ní Dhubhghaill) Liffey Music
09.The Deer's Cry (from "The Pilgrim") Lisa K 3:42 N/A
(Davey/Davey) Bucks Music Group
10.Send Me A Song Lisa K 4:48 N/A
(Downes/Ní Dhubhghaill) Liffey Music
11.Now We Are Free (from "Gladiator") Lisa K 3:32
(Zimmer/Gerrard) Cherry Lane Music
43:12 total
every CD is also available separately (released in 2006)


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US box set

release date06.12.2006
format/tracks5 CDs (14 tracks, 15 tracks, 11 tracks, 11 tracks, 11 tracks)
labelManhattan Records
country/regionUnited States
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